Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Files of Australian Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd

From the letter of Desmond F O’Neill to Premier Peter Beattie, 2nd June, 1999, Pages 1, 14-16:
“A political journalist advised me that “Tate had put the word around” that if he were to be charged he would “spill the beans on others” (allegedly Mr. Kevin Rudd and Mr. Eric Finger) …. it was known that Mr. Kevin Rudd had his assistant go through all his expense vouchers …. and “cock them up”….”
“… The Courier Mail decided to revisit the “hit list” and decided to investigate the reference to Mr. Kevin Rudd and the PPR claim against the name of Ms. Jane Macdonnel. I was put in a very difficult situation in August 1994, when I learnt of the situation whereby Mr. Kevin Rudd and his wife Ms. Therese Rein are alleged to have made a false stamp duty PPR claim in relation to a residence at 41 Dilkera Street, Hawthorne. Read it all on:

From the book “The Latham Diaries” by Mark Latham:

Pg. 119, …The likes of Kevin Rudd,…careerists, more technocrats, more plodders.

Pg. 141, … Kevin Rudd telling me how dumb Peter Beattie is… Pg. 195 … Rudd … prissy Labor blokes.

Pg. 205 … so-called colleagues; Rudd this time – his pompous language is a give – away.

Pg. 211 … other Big Macs – the US faction of Rudd … is insatiable for publicity …a big
Notor …

Pg. 214 … Rudd’s part of the conga-line. Pg. 216 … -a thousand and one Rudd

Pg. 217 … never listen to Rudd on foreign policy. If that guy’s an expert, then I’m Henry

Pg. 218 … Today, Rudd was even worse. … He’s an incredible piece of work.

Pg. 223 … clean out the non-believers like … Rudd… Pg. 249 … Rudd, the pretender.

Pg. 250 … Rudd … voted for Beazley. Pg. 256 … Rudd … semantics. Rudd … backed
down,… Pg. 261 … elitist … like … Rudd

Pg. 276 … Rudd, the king of the caveats … sounds incomprehensible … about Iraq. –
Rudd … a wishy-washy stance – Rudd … keep the troops in Iraq.

Pg. 277 … - we can’t afford to do what, Simon and Kevin did before the war.
That stinking rotten war –

Pg. 280 … Rudd is a terrible piece of work: -- A junior minister.

Pg. 291 … We just have to put up with Rudd leaking Question Time tactics.

Pg. 356 … … his own flagship … an empty vessel.

Pg. 364 … Another slice of Caucus chaos: Kevin Rudd. … He’s such a prima donna.---
He went into a long explanation of why he’s so wonderful.

Pg. 365 … He --- broke down badly, sobbing … Rudd was in a very fragile condition. –
… he was crying… Then he said words that I will never forget: ‘I swear on
my mother’s grave that -The Australian – Story- is wrong, totally wrong, and
that I’ve been loyal to you and will continue to be loyal to your leadership’.---
I don’t trust him, no matter what he says.

Pg. 366 … Rudd is too unreliable, … Pg. 397 … Rudd and the Roosters.

Pg. 406 … only maniacs like Rudd are interested in interviews.

From the book ‘A Conga-Line of Suck-holes’ by Mark Latham’s Book of Quotations.

Pg. – 65 – Kevvy reckons he got a call from the Embassy asking, ‘Mr. Rudd, what’s a
Suck-hole?! After he gave them a diplomatic answer, the Embassy official
wanted to know, ‘Is Mr. Latham allowed to say that about the President?!
I suppose it’s like wondering whether or not the Queen shits. Hey, Bush works
in an office where there has been plenty of sucking over the years. If they
elected Bill Clinton twice, they should be able to understand it when an
Australian politician places the president in a conga-line of suckholes.
Mark Latham, 13th February, 2003
Tom Schieffer was the US-Ambassador to Australia, 2001-04.

Read the news-paper-article
“Kevin Rudd’s wife a ‘nasty boss’ “on:

Henry Thornton – Blog –Tuesday, March 06, 2007:
“…, Kevin Rudd acquitted himself well on the 7:30 Report yesterday evening. …
Morgan says that it is obvious that Rudd made a mistake in dealing with Burke, which he has “copped on the chin”, but these types of dealings are commonplace; “
See full report on: